It’s Year Book time…

Do you have pics of your favorite Cowboy and Cowgirl when they were little?

“Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowgirls and Cowboys” pages.
Send in any picture from their younger years, baby and toddler, etc. Include contestants name!

8th Grade and Seniors…
Want to do a Dedication page for your Contestant?

Dedication pages can be a collage of pictures, quotes, words of encouragement for the future, etc.
Must be emailed in a PDF or JPEG form.
Dedication pages will cost $10 to enter in the yearbook.
You may pay in Willcox.

Have Fun Pictures?

Email fun pictures to or text them to 520-251-0649 to be added to the yearbook.

Every member will get a digital copy of the yearbook for FREE!

If you want a printed copy, you may preorder in Willcox and pay for it then. Cost should be no more than $15.00. Cash or check only.
Preordered yearbooks will be handed out at the Sonoita Rodeo.

All Pictures must be emailed or text to Julie Andersen! or text them to 520-251-0649

No Later than April 15th!

All proceeds will go to the Student officer’s for activities to benefit the association.

Questions, please email Julie Andersen @