Good evening AHSRA Members, Parents and Guardians!

Thank you for your patience in this new process.

We are excited to announce that Online Entries are up and running. 

Online Entries will close on September 12th at 10:00 PM

A couple of notes….

***Team Ropers and Ribbon Ropers***
Only one partner of the team will enter for both of you as well as pay for the entire team.  We suggest you work out with each other who will enter which rodeos.

***Junior High Breakaway/Tie-Down Roping***
 Junior High Boys . Remember you can only enter one of the two, either Breakaway or Tie-down, for points. You may jackpot the 2nd event.  To do so you must contact Marsha to declare which event is Jackpot only.

***Reined Cow Horse and Cutting***
You must enter during the open entry time frame for the rodeo you wish to enter.   Regardless of event location or date being held.For Example: Payson Rodeo must be entered Sept 9th to12th even though you will not compete for Payson Rodeo until October.

If you only compete in Shooting – you will have a separate link to enter in the future.  PLEASE call Marsha to enter Payson.
If you compete in rodeo events along with shooting you will enter through the Rodeo Entry link. (do not enter at both links)

If your membership was not complete (ALL documents signed/notarized, uploaded, reviewed and approved) by Sept 4th you will not be in the Online Entry system.  You must call Marsha to enter manually with a $25 late fee.   You CANNOT enter Payson unless your membership status is approved by Linda.  No entries will be accepted after Sunday, Sept 13th at 12:00pm

Your entries will not be complete until you pay the entry Fee online!You will need to complete an online entry for each day of the rodeo!  Each day of the rodeo is a stand alone Rodeo.
Example:  Enter Payson #1 and Payson #2 separately.