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for Holbrook Rodeo


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Holbrook Rodeo Information
April 17/18, 2021

Map of Rodeo Grounds

Holbrook has some great activities planned for AHSRA

Stable Reservations (Deadline is April 12, 2021)

Stalls will be available for your horses. Must reserve stalls by April 12, 2021. The stalls are  $20.00 ($25 after April 12, 2021 – if available). Payment is required at time of reservation (we accept visa/debit over the phone). There are a limited number of stables available, no refunds!

Stall and Dry Camp Form

You are responsible for keeping your area clean during event and clean up after use. For a reservation you MUST mail in your request on the attached form with a money order made out to Navajo County Fair. If you are reserving a stall with credit/debit you will need to email your form to navajocountyfair@yahoo.com or fax your form to 928-524-4756. At check-in you will be given your stall assignment with a map of stall location, your name will be on your assigned stall. Please do not occupy any un-assigned stalls or limit access to these locations with your rigs.


*If you have reservations for stalls and will not be here to check in before the office closes, Please call us to let us know to unlock stalls. There will be a $30.00 charge per lock if locks are cut.


Stalls are NOT mandatory, you may set up your own pens but NO tying to trailers overnight.


Dry Camping

Park/Camp in designated parking/camping areas only.  There will be a $10.00 dry camp per day per rig fee.  There will be a check-in point for all rigs.  You must keep your camp/parking area clean.  Poop happens, when it does clean it up! There will be dumpster’s located through-out the dry camp area for your use as-well. Please do not plug into electrical outlets. We have a designated area for anyone wanting to plug in for an additional fee (limited spaces available).

Dry-camping will not be allowed in fenced in Barn Area and Rodeo Arena Area!!!

Plug Ins – Limited

Navajo County Fair has a limited number of plug ins. Spots are $25/night and you can reserve by same process as the stalls.


Water & Refuse Disposal

Clean drinking water for your horses is located in the stall areas as-well as through-out flagged areas of the dry camp area. Please do not block these areas with your trucks or trailer they have to be accessible to everyone. Please Do Not TIE horses to water spigots.

Fire Restrictions: Campfires and charcoal are not allowed, you may bring a gas grill if you choose. 

Adult Beverages & Glass Containers

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at the facility during this event. Please do not bring any type of beverage that is in a glass bottle.


As with any event, please observe the signs for parking and camping – this helps keep the event running smoothly and safely!


We can accept credit card over the phone, if you make a reservation by fax or email you will have 7 days to send in payment via money order made out to “Navajo County Fair”, if your payment is not received within 7 days you will forfeit the reservation. We do not accept checks!


Check-In opens at 7:00 AM at High School Trailer.  MUST Check-in before you can compete.

*Back Numbers must be worn and visible at all times throughout the weekend.  This means they must be worn from the time of arrival until you leave. The only time they are allowed off is when you are sleeping or swimming!  They are to be worn to town, dinner, rodeo grounds, etc.
*Dress code – if you are in the arena, around the chutes, boxes, sitting on the fence, etc. you must be in full dress code.

Both arenas start at  8:30 AM
Main Arena will continue to run if there is an event conflict between arenas.
2nd arena will hold up for Main arena events. 


Main Arena – 8:30 AM 2nd Arena – 8:30AM
HS Barrels JR Boys Goats
JR Barrels JR Girls Goats
HS Tiedown HS Goats
JR Tie-down JR Poles
HS Bulls HS Poles
BAC Bulls
JR Bulls
JR Steer Riding
JR Bareback
BAC Bareback
HS Bareback
JR Saddlebronc
BAC Saddlebronc
HS Saddlebronc
Chute Dogging
Steer Wrestling
Ribbon Roping
JR Boys Breakaway
JR Girls Breakaway
HS Breakaway
Grand Entry – Saturday only
JR Team Roping
HS Team Roping


Shooting Information

Date:  Friday, April 16th

Navajo County Complex
100 E Code Talkers Dr

More details to follow.





All questions go to Jason Andersen 520-251-0650

*Each AHSRA/AJHSRA member is required to sell a minimum of 10 Weatherby Raffle Tickets

Did you know that any tickets you sell after the mandatory 1st 10 tickets will help you with expenses for Nationals or Silver State.   $8 from each ticket sold will be tracked  and a check written to the contestant for either Nationals or Silver State travel. (Qualifications are required)

Click here for full RULES


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