Congratulations to Team Arizona Cinch Team

Junior High

High School

Samantha Baer Ashlee Allen
Tayden Cook Cooper Andersen
Lexi Miller Zane Compton
Colby Segay Kadence Dorman
Denton Dunning
Daisy Howell
Karsen Jackson
Adi Jo Martin
Ruby Robbins
Brett Woolsey

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***Tucson Rodeo Entries***
Open:  Sunday January 2nd
Close:  Thursday, January 6th at 11:00 PM AZ Time

Year Book

Did you miss Erica at Willcox?

Email your headshot to her ASAP.

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Contact Erica ASAP.

All Questions go to Erica Valdez.

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Patch Program – National Rule


For all NHSRA sanctioned events:
▪ Illegal/Inappropriate Signage: No person, animal, tack or equipment can display any form of signage while on grounds during any NHSRA sanctioned event promoting alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, vaping or any other product or service which is illegal for a minor to use or be in possession of.
▪ Exclusivity: any advertisement competing with NHSRA exclusive sponsors cannot be used. The exclusive sponsors are in the following categories: Jeans & Shirts (Cinch) and Boots (Corral).

For all NHSRA State/ Provincial/ National Finals and any televised or livestreamed events:
▪ National Sponsors Advertising: All NHSRA National Sponsors can have any type of garment, vest, hat, tack or helmet advertising in any size, including stick-on, sew-on or embroidered patches.
▪ Non- National Sponsor Advertising in the arena and at awards presentation areas:
– Non-sponsor advertising may not be larger than a 2.5”X3.5” area. This includes garments, hats, protective vests, helmets and tack. There will be no stick-on or sew-on patches for non-national sponsor advertising.
– Garments, protective vests, hats: advertising must be embroidered into the fabric.
– Advertising on tack must be permanently carved or pressed into the item and meet the same size requirements. A saddle may have a larger sponsor area but must be pressed or carved into the area. A saddle pad may have the standard branding on the wear leather.
– Protective helmets: no non-sponsor advertising on helmets.
– No more than one non-sponsor embroidered area per garment per sponsor.

Penalty for violating these policies will be disqualification from this event. The NHSRA will not be responsible for covering or taping unauthorized advertising.


All questions go to Tamara Dunning @ ahsraraffletickets@gmail.com

*Each AHSRA/AJHSRA member is required to sell a minimum of 10 Weatherby Raffle Tickets

Did you know that any tickets you sell after the mandatory 1st 10 tickets will help you with expenses for Nationals or Silver State.   $8 from each ticket sold will be tracked  and a check written to the contestant for either Nationals or Silver State travel. (Qualifications are required)

Click here for full RULES

How to get communications from AHSRA


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These are short, quick, informative messages used heavily on Rodeo weekends and in between for quick information. You do not need the App to get the information. It will be sent to you as a text message once you signup.
We are limited to 150 people per class, so we are monitoring this closely and moving people around as needed to keep us under the 150 per class.     Please rest assured that everyone is receiving the same messages.

To Sign up :
Enter this number: 81010
Text this message: @azhsra


Social Media

Facebook: Arizona High School Rodeo Association
Instagram: azhighschoolrodeo
Snapchat: azrodeoteam

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