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Taylor Rodeo
Taylor, AZ
October 15/16th

Taylor Rodeo Info

202 Center St
Taylor, AZ 85939


    Limited Stalls will be available for your horses.
    Breana Hunt 928-243-1011


    Portable pens, hotwire pens, etc are all allowed.

    Dry Camping/Day Use Fee 
    There will be a $10.00 per day –  Day Use Fee for every contestant Family to be paid at Check-in or at this link
    Pay – DAY USE FEES

    You must keep your camp/parking area clean. Poop happens, when it does clean it up!

    Dress Code:   Contestants, parents, adults, helpers, and assistants must wear western attire: western hat, long sleeved shirt (must be wrist -length sleeved shirt, with collar and cuffs. No sweatshirts, T-shirts or pullover sweaters allowed), western boots, and western trousers.   This is for contestants,  assistant or anyone in the boxes, gates, Arena, etc

      *October 14th


      *Shooting Sports * 

      Shooting Location:
      Navajo County Governmental Complex
      100 Code Talkers Dr
      Holbrook, AZ 86025
      HIGH SCHOOL – You will shoot 3 full rounds (2-Taylor and 1 for State Fair)

      1.  Check-in/Safety Briefing -TBD

      HIGH SCHOOL Shooting Check-in with Safety Briefing
      High School Rifle will shoot 1st, then Jr High Rifle  
      HS Trap will shoot after HS Rifle

      2.  Order:

      High School will shoot Rifle 1st. Followed by Junior High School.
      You will only be allowed to take enough ammo to the line for that round.
      1stRound – 41 rounds to the line.
      2nd Round – 36 rounds to the line.

      Make sure you have eye and ear protection, shooting mats and any other equipment you need.

      3.  Make sure you have your Back Numbers!

      4.  Dress Code:  Please dress in accordance with the rule book and weather to include pants/trousers, shirt (No tank tops or v-neck shirts), closed toed shoes.  Ball caps are acceptable.

      5.  Parents:  You will not be close to your shooters. So bring spotting scopes, chairs, shades, etc. if you would like.  We have several instructors and range safety officers to help your shooter.

      Trap will follow HS Rifle:

      Please be prepared to shoot 75 rounds (3 boxes)  This is 1 box for Rodeo Day 1, 1 box for Rodeo Day 2, and 1 box forState Fair Rodeo.

      The Range is behind the Navajo County Governmental Complex
      Follow the road all the way through the complex, take the dirt road and bend around to the shooting range

      *October 15th

      7:00 AM – Contestant Check in –

      8:00 AM –  Day #1 Rodeo starts in both arenas


      *October 16th

      Day #2 Rodeo starts in  both arenas at 8:00 AM



      Check-In opens at 7:00 AM at High School Trailer.  MUST Check-in before you can compete.

      Saturday Rodeo will begin in Both Arenas at 8:00 AM
      Sunday Rodeo will begin in both Arenas at 8:00 AM

      Main Arena     2nd Arena  
      HS Goats JR Barrels
      JR Boys Goats HS Barrels
      JR Girls Goats JR Poles
      HS Tie-down HS Poles
      JR Tie-down
      Ribbon Roping
      JR Bareback
      BAC Bareback
      HS Bareback
      JR Saddle Bronc
      BAC Saddle Bronc
      HS Saddlebronc
      Chute Dogging
      Steer Wrestling
      JR Steer Riding
      BAC Bulls
      HS Bulls
      JR Bulls
      JR Boys Breakaway
      JR Girls Breakaway
      HS Breakaway
      Grand Entry – Saturday only
      HS Team Roping
      JR Team Roping


      State Fair High School Rodeo
      State Fairgrounds

      October 21st

      State Fair Rodeo Info

      1826 W McDowell
      Phoenix, AZ

        This is HIGH SCHOOL Only!

        This is a 1 day drive in, drive out rodeo – No Overnight

        *All rigs will be parked on grounds.

        *Horses are on asphalt in the parking lot *** Absolutely NO SHAVINGS***

        Mats are allowed in Parking Lot



        Patch Program – National Rule


        For all NHSRA sanctioned events:
        ▪ Illegal/Inappropriate Signage: No person, animal, tack or equipment can display any form of signage while on grounds during any NHSRA sanctioned event promoting alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, vaping or any other product or service which is illegal for a minor to use or be in possession of.
        ▪ Exclusivity: any advertisement competing with NHSRA exclusive sponsors cannot be used. The exclusive sponsors are in the following categories: Jeans & Shirts (Cinch) and Boots (Corral).

        For all NHSRA State/ Provincial/ National Finals and any televised or livestreamed events:
        ▪ National Sponsors Advertising: All NHSRA National Sponsors can have any type of garment, vest, hat, tack or helmet advertising in any size, including stick-on, sew-on or embroidered patches.
        ▪ Non- National Sponsor Advertising in the arena and at awards presentation areas:
        – Non-sponsor advertising may not be larger than a 2.5”X3.5” area. This includes garments, hats, protective vests, helmets and tack. There will be no stick-on or sew-on patches for non-national sponsor advertising.
        – Garments, protective vests, hats: advertising must be embroidered into the fabric.
        – Advertising on tack must be permanently carved or pressed into the item and meet the same size requirements. A saddle may have a larger sponsor area but must be pressed or carved into the area. A saddle pad may have the standard branding on the wear leather.
        – Protective helmets: no non-sponsor advertising on helmets.
        – No more than one non-sponsor embroidered area per garment per sponsor.

        Penalty for violating these policies will be disqualification from this event. The NHSRA will not be responsible for covering or taping unauthorized advertising.

        2022-23 RAFFLE TICKETS

        *Each AHSRA/AJHSRA member is required to sell a minimum of 10 Raffle Tickets

        We are doing things a little different this year.   Each member will pay for 10 raffle tickets as part of your membership dues.   At the 1st Rodeo in September you will be required to pick up your tickets to sell to re-coop your advance purchase.   You can pickup and sell raffle tickets through-out the season to help off-set your season travel costs.    More details and rules to follow.


        How to get communications from AHSRA


        Subscribe to Calendar

        On the Schedule page, scroll to bottom of calendar, click on Add Google Calendar

        Remind App

        These are short, quick, informative messages used heavily on Rodeo weekends and in between for quick information. You do not need the App to get the information. It will be sent to you as a text message once you signup.
        We are limited to 150 people per class, so we are monitoring this closely and moving people around as needed to keep us under the 150 per class.     Please rest assured that everyone is receiving the same messages.

        To Sign up :
        Enter this number: 81010
        Text this message: @azhsra


        Social Media

        Facebook: Arizona High School Rodeo Association
        Instagram: azhighschoolrodeo
        Snapchat: azrodeoteam

        Please let us know if you have any questions.