Welcome Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as the title sponsor for High School State Finals


High School

Please upload grades before the High School Finals.

It helps to stream line check in



WPRA Sidepot at AHSRA Rodeos

Now for the news all of you barrel racers have been waiting for regarding our WPRA Sanction!
The WPRA is going to sanction all of our JR and HS barrel racing moving forward. What that means for you is that if your a WPRA active jr member   (link) https://www.wpra.com/pdfs/WPRA0068-WPRA_Junior_Member_Form_2024-i.pdf  by Friday before each rodeo and you enter the jackpot( link) https://form.jotform.com/233035524493050  you  will be eligible to compete for the saddles buckles and prize money at the WPRA turquoise circuit divisional finals in 2024. The WPRA is also working on some exciting news that might even sweeten this deal.
For any WRPA related questions not answered on this email, Wpra.com or the links below please call Jenna +1 (602) 615-7663 the turquoise circuit director. Cory and Katie (AHSRA Barrel Directors) will take care of any other questions on site.
REMEMBER You must be membered and entered in the WPRA by 10pm Friday night before the rodeo!!!!! ( online only)
The WRPA breakdown is a 4D $40 entry fee per day plus a $30 jr WPRA side pot for the Taylor Rodeo moving forward we are working with the WPRA based on our feedback this weekend to just be able to side pot for that WPRA jr race. There are pros and con we are aware of.
We will still take $20 at the gate before you run for any one wanting to enter the daily jackpot!

AHSRA Barrel Racers

Slot Race at Safford
Contact Katie Bray




High School State Finals
presented by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
May 29- June 2, 2024
840 Rodeo Dr
Prescott, AZ



Best Western Prescottonian is our Host Hotel

1317 E Gurley St | Prescott, AZ  86301

They are providing room discounts and a room block

Please click on link below to make reservations

Limited number of RV spaces and Pens.
Reserve ASAP
Closes May 25th!




All Contestants are required to pay to $30 Facility Use Fee (unless you have an RV site it is included)
If you do not pre-pay your Facility Use Fee with the link above, you must pay it at check-in (you will not be given your contestant back number until it is paid)

All Stalls/Pens must be cleaned and piled in front so the tractor can pick it up after the rodeo.


Portable pens/hotwire pens etc are allowed
***Stock pens are off limits***


PLEASE DO NOT  MAKE CIRCLES OR SQUARES with your groups while parking
We have a large number of members and want to make sure everyone can park comfortably

***High School Finals Rodeo Entries***
Open:  Sunday May 19th
Close:  Thursday May 23rd at Midnight Central Time

This is your State Finals

3 go-rounds with an average – this means your entry fees will be x 3 and the Judge/Office fee will be $70

No Payout at Finals

Must attend at least three (3) regular season rodeos in that event in order to enter State Finals in any event.
GRADES are Required!!!!
Official Transcripts/Un-official Transcripts, Certificate of Eligibility, Report Card, Grade report,  Letter from School on School Letterhead
(indicating you are a student in good standing and passing 70% of classes enrolled in)
Any of these are acceptable

UPLOAD Transcripts/Grades/Letters, etc. to National Portal

This is your State Finals Entry Fee Breakdown

Event Entry Fee
Barrels $105
Poles $105
Goat Tying $120
Breakaway $120
Tie-Down $120
Steer Wrestling $120
Saddle Bronc $240
Bareback $240
Bull Riding $240
Team Roping $240   ($120 per partner)
Reined Cow Horse $195
Cutting $225
Judge/Sec/Awards Fee $70
.22 Light Rifle $90
Trap $90

High School State Finals



10 points to 1st round, 10 points to 2nd round, 10 points to 3rd round, 15 points to Average
Total of 45 points
Finals points are added to points earned during the season to determine year-end placings
No Bonus Points



    *May 29th – Queen Contest and Shooting Sports
    8:00 – Rifle Shooting check-in – Trap to follow – See Info Below

    AHSRA 2024 – 2025 Betsy Rose Memorial Rodeo QUEEN CONTEST

    8:00 AM Judges check in at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds 840 Rodeo Dr. Prescott, AZ – Meeting in the Freeman Building at Prescott Rodeo Grounds
    8:30 AM Queen Contestant Check in and Judge Meet and Greet, Prescott Main Arena
    9:00 AM Horsemanship in Prescott Main Arena (open to the Public)
    10:00 AM Written exam in the Freeman Building at Prescott Rodeo Grounds
    11:45 AM Judges Check in for Lunch/Social at Prescott Rodeo Grounds Freeman Building
    12:00 PM Contestant Lunch / Social with Judges at Prescott Rodeo Grounds Freeman Building
    2:00 PM Personnel Interview in the Prescott Rodeo Grounds Freeman Building
    3:30 PM Speech, Modeling and Impromptu Question at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds Freeman Building (open to the public)

    *May 30th – 1st Round of competition (slack and performance)
    7:00 AM
    – Contestant Check in
    *****Reined Cow Horse 1st and 2nd Rounds*****  Start time 8:30 AM
    Approx 9:30 AM – Slack – 1st Round  Main Arena –  Prayer, Flag and National Anthem
    Order of Events:  Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Breakaway, Team Roping and Barrel Racing

    ***Random draw, with 10 being in Performance***


    3:00 PM  or 30 minutes after slack  AHSRA Exceptional Rodeo

    7:00 PM – Performance – 1st Round begins with Grand Entry

    Order of Events:   Bareback, 1st Section Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, Breakaway, Steer Wrestling, Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Barrel Racing and 2nd Section Bull Riding


    *May 31st – 2nd Round of competition (slack and performance)
    8:00 AM
    – Slack -2nd Round  Main Arena –  Prayer, Flag and National Anthem

    Order of Events: Reined Cow Horse, Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Breakaway, Team Roping and Barrel Racing

    Contestant Draw order for the 2nd go round is reverse order of the 1st Go Round

    3:00 PM  or 30 minutes after slack
    AHSRA Volleyball tournament Warm Up Arena

    7:00 PM – Performance – 2nd Round with Grand Entry
    Final grand entry with current student officers, Queen Farewell and final hot lap, presentation of the Betsy Rose Memorial Spirit Award by Judy & Buddy Rice, crowning of the new queen and first attendant, introduction of the new student officers.

    Order of Events: Bareback, 1st Section Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, Breakaway, Steer Wrestling, Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Barrel Racing and 2nd Section Bull Riding



    *June 1st – 3rd Round of competition (slack and performance) 
    9:00 AM
    – Slack 3rd Round – Main Arena –  Prayer, Flag and National Anthem

    Order of Events:  Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Breakaway, Team Roping and Barrel Racing


    General Board of Directors Meeting after Slack and before Performance  – 3:00 PM – TBD

    Grand Entry
    – New Student Officers, 2024-2025 New Queen and First Attendant, All Seniors Introductions and Hot lap.  All members please wear CINCH SHIRTS and Cinch wear!

    Order of Events:Bareback, 1st Section Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, Breakaway, Steer Wrestling, Pole Bending, Tie Down Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Barrel Racing and 2nd Section Bull Riding


    *June 2nd – Awards Breakfast for Finals Rodeo and top 15 Year-end, including all National Qualifier paperwork
    7:00 AM
    – Cowboy Church in the Grand Stands
    7:30 –9:00 AM  Donuts/Fruit/Pastries, Main Grandstands

    9:00 AM  – Awards Ceremony
     * Prescott Rodeo Awards
    * Year End  (Top 15 ) Awards



    If you are a National Qualifier

    All of your National paperwork MUST be completed immediatley following the awards.

    This will include stalls ($179, $190 Stud, $265 Extra Stall), camping (Full service-$395.50,  Tent/Dry Camp-$197.75), optional jackpot ($150/event), national jacket order (chevron/embroidery), team shirt, etc.  

    • Make sure to bring:
      • SS# of contestant
      • Check Book







    Shooting Information


    Date:  Wednesday, May 29th

    Time:   Check-in at 8:00 AM   Begin Rifle at 8:30AM

    Location:    Compass Training Center  – Chino Valley

    Trap at Approx 12:30 pm
    and Prescott Valley Trap and Skeet

    This is your State Finals.
    You will shoot 3 rounds of Light Rifle and 3 Rounds of Trap respectively





    Meet your Queen and 1st Attendant

    Aubrie Worker – Queen



    Jacquelyn Garner – 1st Attendant

    We are trying something new this year.
    If you are looking for a partner, please complete the form below.

    Your information will be entered into the table below for you to review and email each other for potential partners

    Use this information below to reach out to others that are looking for partners.


    National Rule Changes – For 2023-24 Season

    For all AHSRA State Rodeos/ Provincial/ National Finals  

    •  High School Girls Breakaway
      • Bell Collar Catch only   –  
        The only qualified catch will be a bell collar catch. If there is/are any leg(s) or tail head in the loop once it breaks free of the saddle, the result will be a no time


      Year Book

      All Questions go to Erica Valdez.

      See Flyer for all yearbook related information

      Make sure to email Erica the headshot photo you want for the year book!
      ****Start now on your 8th grade and Senior Dedication Pages***

      Patch Program – National Rule


      For all NHSRA sanctioned events:
      ▪ Illegal/Inappropriate Signage: No person, animal, tack or equipment can display any form of signage while on grounds during any NHSRA sanctioned event promoting alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, vaping or any other product or service which is illegal for a minor to use or be in possession of.
      ▪ Exclusivity: any advertisement competing with NHSRA exclusive sponsors cannot be used. The exclusive sponsors are in the following categories: Jeans & Shirts (Cinch) and Boots (Corral).

      For all NHSRA State/ Provincial/ National Finals and any televised or livestreamed events:
      ▪ National Sponsors Advertising: All NHSRA National Sponsors can have any type of garment, vest, hat, tack or helmet advertising in any size, including stick-on, sew-on or embroidered patches.
      ▪ Non- National Sponsor Advertising in the arena and at awards presentation areas:
      – Non-sponsor advertising may not be larger than a 2.5”X3.5” area. This includes garments, hats, protective vests, helmets and tack. There will be no stick-on or sew-on patches for non-national sponsor advertising.
      – Garments, protective vests, hats: advertising must be embroidered into the fabric.
      – Advertising on tack must be permanently carved or pressed into the item and meet the same size requirements. A saddle may have a larger sponsor area but must be pressed or carved into the area. A saddle pad may have the standard branding on the wear leather.
      – Protective helmets: no non-sponsor advertising on helmets.
      – No more than one non-sponsor embroidered area per garment per sponsor.

      Penalty for violating these policies will be disqualification from this event. The NHSRA will not be responsible for covering or taping unauthorized advertising.

      2022-23 RAFFLE TICKETS

      *Each AHSRA/AJHSRA member is required to sell a minimum of 10 Raffle Tickets

      We are doing things a little different this year.   Each member will pay for 10 raffle tickets as part of your membership dues.   At the 1st Rodeo in September you will be required to pick up your tickets to sell to re-coop your advance purchase.   You can pickup and sell raffle tickets through-out the season to help off-set your season travel costs.

      Click here for complete rules


      How to get communications from AHSRA


      Subscribe to Calendar

      On the Schedule page, scroll to bottom of calendar, click on Add Google Calendar

      Remind App

      These are short, quick, informative messages used heavily on Rodeo weekends and in between for quick information. You do not need the App to get the information. It will be sent to you as a text message once you signup.
      We are limited to 150 people per class, so we are monitoring this closely and moving people around as needed to keep us under the 150 per class.     Please rest assured that everyone is receiving the same messages.

      To Sign up :
      Enter this number: 81010
      Text this message: @azhsra


      Social Media

      Facebook: Arizona High School Rodeo Association
      Instagram: azhighschoolrodeo
      Snapchat: azrodeoteam

      Please let us know if you have any questions.