Hello Everyone,

I hope that the approaching Fall weather is treating you well. I wanted to take a couple minutes to thank everyone for their patience and help at the first Rodeo of the year in Payson. We want to continue to welcome all the new families and contestants and hope that you feel welcome and safe at our Rodeo’s. The main goal of the Arizona High School Rodeo Association is to provide an atmosphere that promotes friendship and good competition. I personally understand that there are many different personalities out there and this is not always possible, but I know that if we all continue to work together and head in the right direction we will continue to grow and develop our association into something GREAT! Please know that the Student officers, Adult Officers and Board of Directors are committed to upholding the standards and guidelines that will continue to lift us up.

One item that has been on my mind is that of animal welfare. Please remember that we are all responsible for the animal(s) that we bring to the rodeos. Please insure that we are treating them in an ethical and appropriate way. The AHSRA is committed to upholding the rules of the NHSRA which means that animal abuse, mistreatment or miss use cannot be tolerated.

We are super excited for the State Fair and Buckeye Rodeo’s. Our membership has grown with 40 new members In October alone. This is very exciting times. I wish everyone continued luck. Thanks again for all you are doing.

Jace Kerby
AHSRA President