Hello AHSRA Members and Family,

I am super excited about the last half of our 2019-2020 rodeo season.  I feel that things are really going well. The main reason for our continued success is YOU! It’s the students and the sacrifices of their families that will continue to help this association to grow and reach its full potential. 

I would like to just take a minute to remind everyone of the importance of Animal Welfare. As we all know we would not be able to participate in this great sport without the help of our four legged friends. These friends include our personal horses and livestock, the rodeo stock, and any other animals on the grounds during the rodeo. The AHSRA Board of Directors have been asked to be continually vigilant in the monitoring of unacceptable animal treatment. In other words please do not mistreat your animals and get disqualified from the rodeo.

This is just intended to be a gentle reminder. As we close in on the end of another great season the Board and Officers only want to see and help you in your continued success.

Good Luck for the remainder of the season!  

John Wayne once said, “DON’T LOOK BACK… IT’S A BAD HABIT”. 

The future is great for all of you!