You can download a copy of the General Membership Meeting here, or read in full below.

General Membership Meeting – Payson, AZ

September 15, 2018



Tasks & Decisions


Welcome – Jace Kirby (interim president)

Welcome to everyone.

Try to make it short this morning. Lots of new directors filling in.



Introduction of all Directors


See separate list.


Don Nargain

Welcome and congratulations to everyone who traveled to all of the finals over the summer and represented the state of Arizona

Cassy Miller – World Champion at National Finals in Breakaway

Anabelle Hampton – 3rd in Queen Contest

Every point for the year counts beginning today.

There will be an entirely new board, and moving in the right direction.

Thank you to Jack Assini for all the work he did over the years.

Bring any questions forward you may have to any board member.


Board Mtg

Held this AM and updates to follow.



Checks with insufficient funds

~$8,000 in insufficient funds checked over last year.

If entries are paid with a check with insufficient funds occurs for a contestant, they will need to enter by cashier’s check.



Upcoming elections

Every position is up for election, including board members and event directors.

Two wks before Wickenberg, the election will be closed, and then ballots will be out in Wickenberg for election by secret vote.

Will have an independent tally of votes.

Kids are the ones who vote = membership.

If there is someone who wants to be considered for a position, get with Mark Cook or Kelly Martin


General rule comments

Judges role is to keep the competition fair and ensure everyone has a fair chance to compete. We want everyone to have the best shot at succeeding

Current judges have 12 years with AHSRA

Treat stock with respect, and competitors will be disqualified for any mistreatment of stock.

Arena is not warm up arena

Dress Code – no tolerance rule on dress code. Contestants will be disqualified if not in dress code while in arena, and in the gate area for poles, barrels, goats, and behind bucking chutes.

Contestant and helper must leave the arena when done competing.

Assistants can’t hold reins during competition, and no hitting horse before or when run begins.



When issues arise in events

Go to student director

Student director with the adult director go to the judge with the issue/discrepancy.

Announce with event who each of the event directors are.


Calf Roping & ribbon roping

No touching rope after complete tie.

No time if the animal comes over backwards, and legs are up in air. This is determined at the judge’s discretion.

No unnecessary noises, gestures to horse after tie.

Any intentional dragging of the calf will get a no time.

Pushers need to stay in the chute until neck rope comes off the calf.

Ribbon Roper – Roper has to be touching calf when runner takes ribbon.

Read your new rules book


Barrel Racing – Valerie Howell

There will be a $20 jackpot with the barrels for each day. Will end entries after the 5th racer in the High School.

Likely will be a 2D or possibly a 4D.

Payback will be $15 of the $20 into the pot.

One jackpot for day’s rodeo (i.e. Jr High and High School competing together)

Can have a helper down the alley, and they need to be in dress code, and don’t pass into arena.

Read your new rules book

If you want to enter the jackpot, see Linda Compton




Annabelle Hampton

Introduction of Queens for Jr. High and High School

Membership Officer Team has decided to begin a welcoming committee.

Pizza Party and drinks tonight after the rodeo, with Volleyball.

Come to party tonight

All contestants

Fund Raisers – Julie Anderson

Main fund raisers is the raffle tickets. Everyone is required to sell 10 tickets by January Rodeo.

Only will collect tickets at the Rodeos.

Can sell up to $6,000 worth of tickets. 80% of that will go back to the contestant for travel to finals. In packets, clarification is on the

If don’t turn in tickets by January rodeo, contestants will be disqualified from competing.

Sell at least 10 tickets and turn in by January Rodeo

All Competitors

Travel money

Money will also be provided to Winnemucca, and travel check will reflect money to travel to there.



Remind App

Remind App – Dunning and Linda Compton are working to change notifications to ensure anything new is broadcasted. This worked well at Jr High Finals.

Messages throughout weekend will be coming from Secretary and President if anything changes during the weekend.

Downloading of Remind App is not required.

Txt to 81010 @hdk297 from your mobile phone to get updates.

Anyone who wants updates

Cinch Team for High School

Listed representatives.

Fill out paperwork and turn it in.

Cinch Team representatives

Back Numbers


Keep numbers on until you go home on Sunday, even if you go to town.


Rough Stock equipment checks

Numbers must be visible when competing, even in cold weather.

Equipment checks immediately following meeting

All rough stock competitors

Student Directors

All Student Directors need to be present for the event or assign a representative when competing or unavailable.



Winnemucca (Silver State)

5th through 15th in the State are eligible to compete in Silver State. Was a great Rodeo.