Junior High –  5th through 8th  Grade
High School – 9th through 12th Grade

2023-24 Memberships Opened July 1st


* Wickenburg Membership Deadline –  September 28th
*State Fair Membership Deadline  – October 5th
*Taylor Membership Deadline – October 19th




If your FORMS and payment are not complete, reviewed and approved by date noted above you will not be able to enter the next rodeo as a member. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you do not meet the 1st rodeo membership deadline, you can still complete your membership by the designated due date to compete in the next rodeo.


We use an ONLINE Entry System

If your Status on the National Membership portal is “Submitted” or “Active” you will be in the Online Entry System and be able to enter Holbrook.

If your status is “Registered” you are missing documents/signatures or something else.


Is your Status in the Membership portal NOT “Submitted” or “Active”

Click here for the list of missing items

Have questions about membership?

Contact Linda – or text 520-560-2387

Wickenburg Entries open Sunday, October 1st and close Thursday, October 5th at 10:00 PM

Are you willing to be a Draw Partner if someone needs one?

This is the list we will use for anyone willing to be a draw partner in Team Roping and Ribbon Roping
Only fill this form out 1 time!


Please READ


Before Entering make sure you have ALL of the following


***MAKE SURE your internet service is consistent***
***MAKE SURE your PayPal has up to date credit card***

ALL Entry questions go to Rodeo Secretary,
Patsy at 
or to Linda (State Secretary) at 520-560-2387



Only type the 1st few letters of your name.   Your name and address will pop up below the the space you are typing in.  Click on the correct record.   After you click on your name, the Rodeo’s you are able to enter will pop up.   Click on #1 and complete entry, then complete for #2
If your name does not come up then you do not have an approved membership and will need to wait for entry instructions.


If your membership was not complete (ALL documents signed/notarized, uploaded, reviewed and approved) by Linda you will not be in the Online Entry system.
**If you are not sure if your membership is approved – Log into your National Membership Portal.  If your Status is, “Submitted” or “Active“, then your membership has been approved by Linda.**

You CANNOT enter unless your membership is approved by Linda.  You must text or email Linda  (520-560-2387) or for membership questions.
Have all of this information before starting your entry

1.  What events are you entering?

Your entries will not be complete until you pay the entry Fee online!
You will need to complete an online entry for each day of the rodeo!  Each day of the rodeo is a stand alone Rodeo.

Example:  Enter Holbrook #1 and Holbrook #2 separately. 


2. Are you entering events with a partner?
Coordinate who is paying for what before you start your entry process
Select Event, select event position (Header/Heeler or Roper/Runner)
Enter partner name.   

***Team Ropers and Ribbon Ropers***
Only one partner of the team will enter for both of you as well as pay for the entire team.  We suggest you work out with each other who will enter which rodeos.  ***Team Ropers and Ribbon Ropers/Runners if this is your only event and your partner pays your fees, you must still pay the Judges/Secretary and Awards Fee of $35 for each day.   There is no event to click, simply select your contestant name and then scroll to the bottom and click the pay with PayPal.  


3.  Click on PayPal link

4.  Make Payment

5.  When you are directed back to Entry portal, please enter email address and have your detailed entries emailed to you.

6.  Close Entry 

7.  Go back to website and select Online Entry again.   Repeat all steps to enter day 2.

8.  If you have entry questions or issues, please email Rodeo Secretary at

***Junior High Breakaway/Tie-Down Roping***  
Junior High Boys. Remember you can only enter either Breakaway or Tie-down for points. You may jackpot the 2nd event.  Enter both events, if desired, and then contact email Rodeo Secretary at to declare which event is Jackpot only.   This must be done immediately after you submit entries!  


**Junior High Steer Riding/Bull Riding***   
Junior High Boys. Remember you can only enter either Steers or Bulls, for points. You may jackpot the 2nd event.  Enter both events, if desired, and then contact email Rodeo Secretary at to declare which event is Jackpot only.  

This must be done immediately after you submit entries!


**Reined Cow Horse and Cutting***

You must enter during the open entry time frame for the rodeo you wish to enter.   Regardless of event location or date being held.

 Cutting and Reined Cow Horse please make sure you enter your respective rodeos.


***Draw Out***
A draw out for any reason can be completed up to 48 hours (Typically Wednesday by 5PM) before the rodeo with a refund of entry fees only, using DRAW OUT LINK BELOW.   A draw out for veterinary or medical reasons with a vet or doctors note can be completed inside the 48 hours or at the rodeo if a horse or rider become injured or ill after check-in.  A veterinary or doctors excuse must be received by 6 pm of the Monday following the rodeo.

You must pay for each day separately

Once you click this link…

It will mess up your entry, then we have to delete you and you have to start all over again.


This link automatically shuts off at 10:00 PM AZ time on October 5th

If you are late, you must use the Late Entries button below

If you are not in the ONLINE Entry system above – Check this List for why your membership was not approved.

If you are ONLY a Shooting Contestant – Use this link

Do you need to draw a partner?

Use the LINK button to enter the rodeo for all of your events and type “Draw Partner” in Partner Name space.

Membership Process

1.  Go to NHSRA Member Portal

***  Are you a returning member?  DO NOT create a new account***
contact Linda for username and email address associated with your account

2.  Create/Update Member information as directed

3.  Pay all membership fees online

Jr High Total Membership –  Approx $325.59     (This included a $100 mandatory fundraising requirement)
High School Total Membership –   $ 361.88    (This includes a $100 mandatory fundraising requirement)


4.  Print all Nationals Documents

* National Membership Application
* National Minor (Member) Release

5.  See Additional Instructions for link for State Forms (Print State Forms)

* State Waiver of Liability/COVID Release
* Social Media Policy
* W9



***Membership and All Applicable Forms are only available through National Membership Portal after membership dues are paid***

6. Sign and Notarize all documents as needed

7. Log into Member Portal and upload ALL Forms

*  National Membership Form – Signed by member and parent/guardians
*  National Minor Release – Signed by member, parents/ guardians  *Notarized*   (All 3 names must be listed on bottom lines by Notary stamp)

         *  State Waiver of Liability/COVID Release – Signed by parents/guardians *Notarized*
         *  Social Media Policy – Signed by member and parents/guardians
         *  W9

If you are a new member – upload birth certificate and report card from 2022-23 school year


Can’t remember Username?

1. Text Linda 520-560-2387 with member name and email address
She will text you back the username:
2.  Tutorial video available for refresher



Have Membership Questions:


Linda Compton: 520-560-2387 or

If there are issues with your forms Linda will email you, otherwise, please be patient as she works through all of the forms.

Are you Transferring from another State?

1.  Complete National Membership process and select Transfer
2.  A Transfer form will be generated.
3.  The National office will route for National Director approvals.




Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   Do I need to attend a school with a rodeo Team?

Answer: No.  You need to be enrolled in school and be in 5th through 8th grade for Junior High and 9th through 12th for High School.

Question:   Do I need to find my own Team Roping or Ribbon Roping Partner?

Answer:  Yes.  It is up to the contestant to have a partner.   We create a post on Facebook to assist members with finding a partner.

Question:  Do I have to be a member to compete at AHSRA sanctioned Rodeos?

Answer:  You are able to enter 1 rodeo weekend as a non-member to compete for payout and prizes (No season points will be awarded)   There is a $12 non-member fee and 2 forms are required to be signed and notarized.   Contact Linda Compton 520-560-2387 or

Question:  How do I enter a Rodeo?

Answer:  Rodeo Entries are completed online.  The rodeo entry link will be posted on this page when entries are open (approximately 2 weeks before the rodeo).

Question:  Can I draw out of a Rodeo?

Answer:  A draw out for any reason can be completed up to 48 hours before the rodeo with a refund of entry fees, providing Rodeo Secretary is notified via text or email.   A draw out for veterinary or medical reasons with a vet or doctors note can be completed inside the 48 hours or at the rodeo if a horse or rider become injured or ill after check-in.  A veterinary or doctors excuse must be received by 6 pm of the Monday following the rodeo.  

Question:  Who can compete at State Finals?

Answer:  Any member that has competed in 3 regular season rodeo days can enter the State Finals in the events they compted in a minimum of 3 times as a member.

Question:  Who Goes to National Finals from Arizona?

Answer: The top 4 in points at the end of the State Finals are qualified to attend NHSRF.  Points are cumulative of regular season and State Finals.

Question:  Rodeo Weekend?

Answer:  Each day of a rodeo weekend is a separate rodeo.   We run single go-round rodeos.  Only the State Finals is an average.  State Finals is 3 go-rounds with an average.