Location: Charles Whitlow Arena
11608 S. Highway 79
Florence, Az 85132

There will be a $10.00 per-night Dry Camp Fee
There will be a Steak Fry and Dance following the rodeo Saturday Night

Order of Events:

Both arenas will start at 8:30am sharp, in the event of scheduling issues the main arena will keep running and the second arena will wait.

Main Arena:                                       Second Arena:

                Hs Barrels                                           Jr Girls Goats

                Jr Barrels                                             Jr Boys Goats

                Hs Tie Down                                       Hs Goats

                Jr Tie Down                                         Hs Poles

                Hs Bulls                                                Jr Poles

                Hs BAC Bulls

                Jr Bulls

                Jr Steers

                Hs Bareback

                Hs BAC Bareback

                Jr Bareback

                Hs Saddle Bronc

                BAC Saddle Bronc

                Jr Saddle Bronc

                Chute Dogging

                Steer wrestling

                Jr Ribbon roping

                Hs Breakaway

                Jr Girls Breakaway

                Jr Boys Breakaway

                Hs Team Roping

                Jr Team Roping

                Reining Cow Horse