New for 2019-20

Waiver of Liability

No more getting this signed and notarized every rodeo

**Waiver of Liability only needs to be completed prior to the 1st rodeo you enter.
***Both parents must sign and parents signatures must be notarized!

****Certificate of Eligibility is still required every rodeo from the school****

Entry Due dates and Late Fees

**Complete Entries must be postmarked (not metered mail) 15 days prior to first day of rodeo (This will typically be a Thursday, with exceptions).
**Entries not postmarked 15 days prior to 1st day of rodeo will be assessed a $25 late fee.
** Any Entry not received by 11:59 pm the Saturday before the rodeo will NOT be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
**Incomplete entries will be assessed a $25 fee

High School Forms

Junior High Forms

Entries for Payson need to be postmarked by Thursday, August 29th