*Each AHSRA/AJHSRA member is required to sell a minimum of 10 Dodge Raffle Tickets

*The mandatory minimum 10 Dodge raffle tickets and money are due at the January rodeo in Tucson at check-in.

*Contestants who do not turn in their tickets and money at the January rodeo by check-in will be a turn-out for the weekend!

The following is a list of those who have not picked up yet. Wickenburg is your last chance to pickup!

Ben, Arena
Ben, Rosalinda
Dan, Philip
Deming, Hunter
Despain, Kordale
Despain, Channing
Francisco, Samuel
Graham, Shea
Granger, Dustin
Hartigan, Claire
Holyan, Dean
Janek, Lily
Kerr, Hailey
Land, Victoria
Lunderville, Dylan
McCleve, Ashlyn
McCleve, Makena
Mortenson, Jaxton
Nez, Casey
Nolen, Elly
Nunn, Ethan
Pinkerton, Claudia
Reidhead, Sadee
Romero, Reina
Shriver, Avery
Weber, Skyler
Wilson, Cara
Yellowhair, Samsel

Official Rules

Any new member that Wickenburg is their first rodeo!
The ten Dodge Raffle tickets are a mandatory fund raiser for ALL members.
The money (and ticket stubs) MUST be turned in by January’s Rodeo, regardless if you picked them up or not. Example, at check in at January’s rodeo- you will need to turn in $100 to cover your tickets even if you did not pick them up (or lost them) You just bought your tickets.