Casa Grande High School/Junior High School Rodeo

Ed Hooper Rodeo Grounds

2525 N Pinal Ave Casa Grande, Arizona 

Please mail your dry camp and stalls payments before the rodeo. No reservation will be taken without payment.

671 W Delray Dr. Casa Grande, Arizona 85122

Dry Camp:  $10 dry camp per day, per rig

Stalls: $20 per night ( located around the second arena)

Send your payment to the address on the reservation form.  

Please rake your pens to the center of isle. If you don’t you will be charged. Clean up around your camping area also.  Garbage can be disposed in the trash bins around the site.  Also no shavings on the blacktop.

Concessions: There will be a concession stand available

Saturday Night:  TBA

If you have any questions or concerns please text Yvette Kent at 928.446.5316

Reservation Form Download

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