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Board Meeting Minutes 9/15/2018






Minutes from exec board




Discussion about reimbursement

Motion: pay Sarah for 15% of the monies she earned from fundraising that was agreed upon at an earlier date



There was merchandise made and wanted to move forward. There won’t be any 15% in the future. She’s responsible for the costs into the future and will keep money for future profits.


1 opposed



Information has been sent out to show 1200.00 already provided to web developer.

Questions if day sheets are up, and these are showing up in the new site:

It needs to be compatible with phones.

It looks nicer and more up to date.

Web developer is responsive.

Not currently planning to do online entries, but it will support it into the future.

Goal is for it to be a site for the future and to support future

Website is paid. Cost is $600 per year, $1,200 was already paid for development.

This is fairly inexpensive.

More compatible with the phone.

Suggestion for the future, txt can be sent from the website, and this needs to use an app.

Approve the use of the new website without paying for development of online entries, but consider for the future.


Kelly Martin

No opposed or abstain



Rule books handed out



Entry form requirements

Do we need to continue having notaries for all forms, or if one is adequate.

Because of the insurance, they are going to require that we do it for each rodeo.

Some are experiencing a cost associated with notaries.

Group decision to not make a change in entries.



Bounced checks process

Last year there were ~$8,500 in bounce costs.

Process is currently in place for the members to be worked with.

There are occasions when an account

Needs to be firm in the decision.

If a member writes a bad check then in the future, can’t enter with a check, and needs to enter with a cashier’s check.

Kelly Martin


No opposed or abstain

Address this at general membership mtg






Cutting Questions

LDevaney – Trying to align with NCHA program. When sign up, they pay for the judge, money to be won and scholarships. Raise costs of cutting by $70 and that goes to NCHA. They would continue to pay for the

No stock charges or judge fees because that would be covered in the NCHA fees.

~$45 fees last year per event per competitor.

Still have to pay for ~$26 + $10 is the rodeo charges, but this is

Supportive of combining the fees.

Of the $70, how much comes back to the Association?

All of that money goes to NCHA.

Still have to pay the rodeo fees, but won’t have to pay the judge fees because that is covered in the $70.

Essentially $15 more for a jackpot and access to the judge.

At the end of the year there would be a $60 accumulation for each competitor

NCHA offered to donate the association fee, and haven’t worked this out, and ~35

Bottom line:

Increases cutting entries by $15.


$5 per cut benefit to AHSRA.


Payoff in NCHA jackpot instead of rodeo jackpot.

Membership in NCHA

Access to scholarships for NCHA

Is there an assessment of what the contestants feel with it?

There are a few cutting contestants on the board.

Caution to committing to paying back to the NCHA.

First Rodeo is in October.

Goal is

for cutting to pay for itself.

Keep it enjoyable.

Make it affordable


Raise entries from $45 to $70 for cutting, and end payout from AHSRA for cutting.

Kelly Martin


No opposed or abstain


Call NCHA and ask them to pay back the NCHA membership to the AHSRA


Inform the cutting competitors the change and the reasoning with documentation of numbers for the change


Share information in the All Membership Mtg that change is coming.















Social media

AH has a FB account

Jr High – Dena Martinez is controlling.

New Rule passed – Can punish people if they post in a negative manner.

LA did this and they are getting some pushback from the negative posters.


Track down Social Media owners

Goal: Control and organize the owners of the accounts.

Cricket Hampton

Florence Rodeo

Conflicts with Sherri Cervi Barrel Racing, and

Still need to talk with stock contractor to get it completed

Sonoita is wanting to possibly put on a rodeo



Team Roping

Second run would be a jackpot run

Bring back information of separate jackpot

Chance Kelton

Chute Dogging

Why is there only 3 people entered?

Steers are too fresh and horns too small. There isn’t a rule that controls that in the rule book.

Can approach this in the same way that we dealt with steer wrestling in the past.

If we can get a good set of chute doggers

Check with Stock Contractor about possibilities of having our own stock.

Kevin Heinberg

Jackpot/ side pot for barrels.

Times in the Rodeo would be used also for the jackpot.

$5 of the 20 – Winnemucca fund

$20 per entry

70% payout

Organize and announce in the Rodeo

Valerie and Linda Compton

Winnemucca Rodeo

Good Rodeo

Announce in the General Membership Mtg


Build a Cowboy

Are we doing buckles?

We were going to figure out if we would do this.

There aren’t enough entries yet to justify a buckle.


Awards for year end


Calf roping & Ribbon Roping

At National Rodeo, they were strict on the jerk down rule, and we need to get more strict with it.

Discuss the jerk down rule changes in All Membership Mtg

Howdy Sanborn


Raffle tickets

When kids go to Winnemucca, there isn’t support for travel money.

Used to send a big team to Winnemucca

5th through

Association isn’t losing money because

Old formula: 70% wen to national, 30% to fallon

It changed because other associations were getting more money.

To get more money, need

Provide travel money to Winnemucca, but if go to both places

Jason Hershburg


No opposition or abstain


Next Mtg.