New Video Available for Reined Cow Horse Contestants

The National Reined Cow Horse Association has released a new instructional video, “High School Rodeo Reined Cow Horse: Ride Safe & Stay On The Plus Side!" to help High School Rodeo contestants earn top scores while avoiding risky situations in the challenging Reined Cow Horse event.

High School Rodeo Reined Cow Horse - Ride safe and score on the plus side! from NRCHA Video on Vimeo.

Produced by the NRCHA and its Official Videographer, Equine Promotion, the video breaks down the rein work and the cow work step-by-step, describing what the judge is looking for in a top-scoring run. Contestants will gain an understanding of proper position and control in the fast-paced cow work, and they will see detailed analysis of each rein work maneuver. The video is full of tips on how to earn maximum credit and stay out of penalty trouble in both the rein work and the cow work. The video is free for viewing and download using this link:

Featured riders and commentators include NRCHA 2-Million Dollar Professional Todd Crawford, Blanchard, Oklahoma; and champion reined cow horse trainers Chris and Sarah Dawson, Aubrey, Texas. The NRCHA Director of Judges, Bill Enk, provides insight from the judge’s chair.

“High School Rodeo Reined Cow Horse: Ride Safe & Stay On The Plus Side!” is a companion piece to the popular 2014 video for High School Rodeo contestants, “Introduction To Reined Cow Horse,” which can be accessed via this link:

The NRCHA offers a full range of resource materials and support for High School Rodeo Reined Cow Horse nationwide. For details, contact the NRCHA Office in Pilot Point, Texas, at 940-488-1500, or visit the association's NHSRA Reined Cow Horse resource page: