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All the New Season Forms are available. Be sure to download them.

State Fair Rodeo Thurs Oct 19th

Start Time - 1:00 pm
Check in - 11:00 am
Address 1826 W McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ. 85007

Contestants enter the Fair grounds through the gate just East of 19th Ave off Encanto.
Do Not arrive before 8:00 am. Gates open at 8:00 am. Signage for Rodeo Entry at the gat will be posted. Only vehicles with an ASF Grandstand Event parking pass will be allowed to enter the exhibitor's gate.
Contestants will be allowed only 1 wristband each. Please have additional family or guests enter State Fair between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. The Fair is free to enter on Thursdays between these hours only.

State Fair Event Order
Steer Wrestling
Goat Tying
Tie Down
Team Roping

Wickenburg, October 20 & 21

Check in for Wickenburg will start at 7am
If you competed at State Fair you still need to Check in for Wickenburg.

Wickenburg Dry Camp fee $10 per day

Stalls $10 per day (there are a limited amount of stalls)
Please contact Tefney Hannan 541-419-9429 for reserving stalls (reservations need to be completed by Oct 5th.

Wickenburg Rodeo Committee along with Select Glass will be providing a free dinner for contestants and family on the evening of Oct 20th. If you would like to have dinner please RSVP to Tefney Hannan as soon as possible so that she has a good count for how many people will be served. 541-419-9429


Click Map to Download full size PDF Of Wickenburg Rodeo Grounds and RV parking.


Wickenburg Event Order

Main Arena

JR Bareback
HS Bareback
JR Ribbon Roping
JR Saddle Bronc
HS Saddle Bronc
Chute Dogging
Steer Wrestling
JR Steer Riding
JR Bulls
HS Bulls
JR Tie Down
HS Tie Down
JR Boys Breakaway
JR Girls Breakaway
HS Girls Breakaway
HS Team Roping
JH Team Roping

Upper 2nd Arena

JR Barrels
HS Barrels
JR Girls Goats
JR Boys Goats
HS Goats
JR Poles
HS Poles



If your run didn't go as planned at state-fair...
how about some time only's??!!

We will have barrels and poles time only's Friday 30 minutes after the completion of the rodeo! We will start with barrels. Runs will be $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. Take this opportunity to get you horse ready for Saturday's performance!!





Entries and money are due and must be post marked 15 days prior to the first day of the rodeo. Entries will be accepted up to 10 days prior to the rodeo with a $25.00 late fee. Any entries received post marked less than 10 days prior to the rodeo will not be accepted.



Entries Due By

Sept 16/17


Sept 1st

Oct 19

State Fair High school only

Oct 4th

Oct 20/21


Oct 5th

Nov. 11/12


Oct 27th




Jan 6/7

Casa Grande

Dec 22nd

Feb 10/11


Jan 26th

March ??



April 21/22


April 6t

May 4-6


April 19th

June 6-9


May 22nd


High School National Team

Congratulations to our National High School Team Members.

Bates, Logan

Becenti, Brent

Betony, Evan

Billingsley, Kaylee

Bitsui, Ryan

Browning, Ritner

Cattoor, Kash

Cuomo, Dario

DeVaney, Lauren

Edwards, O.T.

Flake, James

Gaona, John Henry

Guin, Naiya

Hampton, Annabelle

James, Codey

Johnson, Andric

Johnston, Baylee

Keenan, Dakota

Keith, Sierra Jo

Kelly, Hunter

Kent, Wyatt

Kibler, Justin

Lackey, Dawson

Lefebvre, Garrett

Martinez, Jennie 6

Martinez, Marcos

McVay, Tyler

Mortensen, JC

Murphy, Robert

Nichols, Jacqueline

Nichols, Rhett

Perkins, Owen

Petersen, Denton

Sanborn, Sherrick

Schafer, Tatum

Seets, Wyatt

Shafer, Destiny

Shedd, Summer

Sherwood, Haily

Smallwood, Brayson

Starzinski, Julia

Udall, Hayden

Weidenbener, Caslyn

West, Chance

Wilms, Wyatt




Junior High National Team

Congratulations to our National Junior High Team Members.




Professional’s Choice Student Athlete and Equine Athlete of the Month

This program rewards one girl and one boy each month with a Professional’s Choice Air Ride Saddle Pad and qualifies each monthly winner for two $1,000 scholarships (one boys and one girls) to be awarded at the end of the rodeo season. To be eligible for the honor, students must submit an application to the NHSRA national office in Denver.

The application includes questions about the extracurricular activities, volunteerism and goals of each applicant. As part of the application process, each applicant must also submit a letter of recommendation as well as a 150-word essay.
Winners are featured each month in the NHSRA Times. Scholarship winners are announced each year at the National High School Finals Rodeo.

The sooner you get your application, in the better! There are less submissions at the beginning of the season.

2017-2018 Jr High & High School Student Athlete of the Month Application


Professional’s Choice Equine Athlete of the Month
The program honors and recognizes the horse of one girl and one boy each month. To be eligible for the honor, students must submit an application to the NHSRA national office in Denver. Horses do NOT need to be registered in order to qualify for this program.

2017-2018 Equine Athlete of the Month Application







1. Contestants, parents , adults, helpers, and assistants must wear western attire: western hat, long sleeved shirt (must be wrist length sleeved shirt, with collar and cuffs. No sweat shirts, T-shirts or pullover sweaters allowed), western boots, western trousers at all times during a performance while in the following areas:
(a) all arenas
(b) chute areas
(c) stock working areas
(d) any contestant in any seating area, whether competing or not.

2. Shirt sleeves must be rolled down.
(a) The only exception to this rule will be in bareback riding and bull riding; a rider may roll up sleeves two rolls, not to exceed the elbow on riding arm only, when competing.
(b) Violators of this rule will be disqualified upon the discretion of the judges or the arena director.

3. Contestants must wear numbers on their backs and number must be visible at all times while competing in their events, when at rodeo or rodeo grounds or any rodeo function and at the motel. (Back numbers must be worn in the middle of your back at all times after you arrive at the rodeo grounds. They must be worn all weekend!!

4. All contestants must have shirttails tucked in at start of their competition.

5. Western attire per dress code is required for contestants for all NHSRA approved activities to include rodeos, safety and instructional clinics, meetings.

****short sleeves may be worn in the stands and parking area's only with back numbers.



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New Contestants: Try Junior High or High School Rodeo

If you think you would like to try competing in the fun, exciting and family friendly events of Junior High or High School Rodeo, here is your opportunity. You are allowed to enter ONE rodeo (any rodeo on the schedule) and classify it as your "hometown rodeo".

As a hometown rodeo, you do not have to pay the membership fee for that particular rodeo.

  • You must fill out the membership form, but no payment for membership is required.
  • You must fill out the minors release form
  • You must pay the $10.00 insurance fee
  • You must fill out the entry form and pay all fees that are on the entry form found on this website
  • You must have your school sign the eligibility form found on the bottom of the entry form

Come and compete with some of the best contestants in Arizona.



More Rodeo Related Events

See our Rodeo News page with details on other rodeos, clinics and events of interest:






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